Who are we?

Good question. To put it simply, we're designers. That's it.

We love good design. We're the guys who take a long time to read the menus at new restaurants because we're busy looking at the use of color and textures and saying things like "That is really nice lighting on that cheeseburger!". When we read the newspaper or magazines, we really just look at the advertisements.

We see things differently than most people. When we're out and about we look at shapes and colors, and while our families see a creek running along side of the road - we see inspiration.

We think a little differently too. Some people think about their jobs in numbers and spreadsheets, calendars and to-do lists. We think in pictures. Our offices are covered with dry erase boards for doodling - our desks even have glass tops so we can scribble on them and clean them off later for new ideas.

Who are we? We're designers. It's not a job to us. It's our way of life.

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